A few Halloween tips

by | Oct 27, 2010 | Pediatric Dentistry

Halloween is probably a dentists least favorite holiday; but a few small changes might make a difference in you or your childs dental needs. As an adult, one is more likely to have a crown or two (that childhood halloween candy didn’t help).  You may pass on the extremely chewing candies. (the taffy like kinds) They tend to pull upward on restorations and loosen things. We always see a few loose crowns the week after halloween.

For kids, of course you can’t not let them eat the candy; but how they eat it can make a big difference.  Sugar feeds the bacteria that cause cavities, the longer the sugar is in the mouth the longer the teeth are more likely to get a cavity.  The acids the bacteria make are neutralized by saliva, but it takes 30-60 minutes. You are better letting them eat a portion of the candy and stop; versus letting them continually feast on the sugary treats all thru the day. So the frequency of the exposure is the key to helping prevent cavities.
You as a candy shopper/giver (the enabler…lol), could also buck the trend and consider something healthy or fun.
Stickers, playdough, popcorn, etc….there are tons of alternative treats to give out.

One last word of caution before the festivities begin, be careful with Xylitol type sugar free gums or candies.  They are alot better for preventing cavities; However they are highly toxic to dogs.  Yes, it’s true…. A pack of xylitol sugar free candy can kill a dog within a few days.   So please be cautious.


Dr. Bryan Tate