Pediatric Dentistry

Providing The Best Care For Your Child in Wilmington, NC

Pediatric Dentistry

Your children are special to us. We go way beyond the basics to make sure your child’s visit to the dentist is safe, relaxed, informative, and fun. Our doctors take special care to listen to your child’s needs, ensuring nothing goes unnoticed about the health of their teeth. As a family-owned and operated family dentistry and parents ourselves, we fully understand how building strong dental hygiene practices early on can result in a lifetime of healthy teeth for your little ones. From your child’s very first baby teeth to the eruption of permanent teeth, the Salling & Tate team, located in Wilmington, NC, is here to share in all of your child’s dental milestones with compassionate care.

Baby Dental Care

It’s recommended that your child begin seeing the dentist by their first birthday. Your baby’s teeth will begin erupting at six to 12 months of age, so it’s important to establish healthy oral hygiene habits at this early stage. During this time, your child’s gums may feel tender and sore. We recommend that you soothe the gums by running a clean and cool wet cloth across them. Teething rings are also beneficial in soothing and alleviating the gums during this stage.

Healthy Oral Hygiene Habits

Helping your children build strong and healthy oral hygiene habits comes from educating them about their teeth from a young age. Kids don’t often realize the impacts poor oral hygiene can have on the future of their smiles, but this can be taught quite easily! Our team at Salling & Tate Family Dentistry in Wilmington focuses on communicating proper oral hygiene in a way that your child can understand, no matter their age or level of understanding. We strive to make taking care of their teeth a fun and rewarding activity.

You can help protect your child’s teeth by examining them every few weeks to look for signs of discoloration or other signs of decay. Encourage your child to brush twice per day, and show them early how they can properly floss their teeth. Limit sugary and acidic foods and drinks as much as you can to prevent tooth sensitivity, decay, and cavities.

Preventing Tooth Decay with Regular Checkups

Many children are susceptible to tooth decay simply because kids are not able to brush and floss their teeth thoroughly. It’s crucial that parents continue to guide the teeth brushing sessions, assisting with reaching difficult areas and with flossing whenever necessary. Remember that your child will still be learning to effectively brush and floss their teeth for quite some time, so you’re absolutely needed each time to ensure it’s done right. 

Children should visit the dentist every six months for dental checkups and professional cleanings. This will help you spot any instance of tooth decay or other dental issues early on before they become severe. Additionally, regular checkups help your child grow accustomed to visiting the dentist so that they feel more comfortable raising dental concerns throughout their childhood.

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