Protect Your Teeth with a Dental Exam

by | Nov 11, 2015 | Family Dentistry

One of the best steps you can take in keeping a life of healthy teeth and gums is setting up regular dental exams. At Salling & Tate General Dentistry, we work endlessly to ensure that our dental exams are painless, informative and cater to each of our patient’s needs. With all of our Wilmington patients, we stress the importance of our general dentistry exams as they are not only the best way to maintain good oral health, but can also help tremendously in detecting oral health problems and can prevent advanced oral health complications.

How Often Should I Have a Dental Exam?

As a good rule of thumb, the average patient should schedule a dental exam twice a year. With an exam every six months, our dentists can prevent excessive buildup of plaque and tartar, plus stop any developing oral health problems.

Those patients that are prone to oral health issues, or are high risk, may want to consider more frequent appointments. We suggest getting your exam and teeth cleaning around every three to four months.

What to Expect at a Dental Exam

Some of the goals we have with our dental exams are:

  • Assess overall tooth health to determine if your teeth are being properly cared for at home
  • Clean teeth and remove any build-up of plaque from hard-to-reach places
  • Clean stains from the teeth by cleaning and polishing
  • Assess teeth enamel and possibly perform a fluoride treatment to strengthen teeth

What Are the Benefits of a Dental Exam?

We find that those patients that keep a regular schedule of dental exams have a huge advantage over those who don’t. This advantage is the simple fact that they tend to have better oral health. Our exams and cleanings help preserve the health, strength, and beauty of your teeth.

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A dental exam and cleaning should be the first step you take if you are interested in creating a healthy and beautiful smile. Salling & Tate General Dentistry provides expert dental care. We also provide sedation dentistry for those patients with extra anxiety.

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