What To Expect When You Haven’t Been To The Dentist In Years

by | Jan 18, 2018 | Family Dentistry

So, it’s been quite a while since you last visited a Dentist, and now you’re worried about running into hidden surprises. First of all, take a deep breath – we’ve got you covered.

And the good news is that not much at all has changed in regards to the overall Dental checkup procedure in the last decade. The following is a list of the things you should expect on your upcoming visit.

Getting ready for your appointment.

Despite what you may have been thinking, the most difficult part of this whole procedure is actually the paperwork you’ll need to do prior to your appointment. Once you’ve taken care of that, your job is completely done, and you can let the Dentists take over from there while you relax.

Remember to bring any important medical information with you, such as your insurance info & a list of medications you’re currently taking – unless you have these things memorized. Also realize that because you haven’t done this in a while, the exam itself will most likely take a little longer than a usual exam.

During the exam.

As I mentioned, when you’ve reached this step, the best & most appropriate thing to do is simply to relax. Because you haven’t been in for a while, you’ll most likely have more plaque buildup than you would during a regular exam. That’s one of the main reasons why the exam will likely take longer than normal.

You should also be prepared to experience some mild discomfort and gum bleeding. This is completely normal and will stop quickly. It’s also common for people in your position to find a cavity during their exam. As bad as this sounds, it’s really nothing to lose sleep over. In fact, most adults develop 1-2 cavities over their lifetime, so you’d be in good company.

After the exam.

It’d be easy to think that all your work is over once you’ve gone through with the Dental exam – but not so quick! If you’re committed to Dental health, this is the perfect opportunity for you to get back on track.

The best thing to do would be to go ahead and schedule your next appointment for 6 months in the future. Don’t worry, you can always reschedule later, but this will prevent you from putting off your next appointment.

We’re thrilled to know that your desire for healthy teeth & gums has finally overcome your hesitation for setting up an appointment with us.

Dental health is an extremely important component of your health overall, and that’s something that matters not only for you – but for your loved ones as well.

Set up an appointment with one of our friendly receptionists today and get yourself on the fast track to greater health!